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See why Agricultural Exports (AGEX) is a leading exporter of flower, vegetable and grain seeds. Not only does AGEX offer a complete array of GMO and non-GMO seeds in the vegetable and grain categories, but our associations with farm cooperatives, agricultural college and the leading manufacturers in the industry, enable us to satisfy your need for seeds in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Flower Seeds
AGEX sources seeds that are proven to germinate five times faster than average garden seeds. Our flower offerings include seeds for cut flowers, perennials, and annuals. 

Vegetable Seeds
AGEX vegetable seed supplies are proven to germinate faster and produce heartier plants than average garden vegetable seeds. AGEX can supply vegetable seeds ranging from common garden vegetables such as squash, tomato, peppers, and sweet corn and extend to “exotic” seeds such as a full array of gourd, collard, and herbs.  AGEX can supply standard and specially hybrid seeds, as well as standard open-pollinated varieties.

Grain Seeds
AGEX exports a full complement of grain seeds that can be tailored to your unique growing environment. Through our exclusive soil sampling program that we package with our grain seed supplies, we can assist you with matching the correct grain seed to your specific soil and growing season. AGEX can meet the need of any size farm, from the smallest local farmer to large corporate farms. Our worldwide experience in helping farmers produce healthy grain crops has made AGEX a leader in the sourcing of all types of grain seeds.
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