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Agricultural Exports (AGEX) has over 50 years of experience in meeting the worlds’ need for grains, supplying everything from small, bagged quantities to large, bulk grain orders.  Grains supplied range from custom TMR’s in any quantity to DDG’s (Dried Distillers Grains) to any commodity grain.

AGEX can guarantee the grade and quality of every shipment as all of our grain supplies are shipped direct from supplier to user, and more importantly, farmer to farmer. This means that on large bulk orders sourced under contract with AGEX, our customer has direct access to our growing fields. This unique sourcing allows our customer to actually walk the field of the product you will be purchasing.  This farmer-to-farmer process, mastered in over 50 years of agricultural export experience, is what allows us to guarantee the grade and quality of our shipments, and provide un-paralleled service.

In addition, our level of service and experience in shipping any quantity via various transit options has given us the ability to offer farmers a flexibility in transit options that they do not enjoy nor receive from the large brokerage houses.

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