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Lab Diets -AGEX is an authorized distributor of ENVIGO's TEKLAD diets, bedding and enrichment. envigo logo

In pharmaceutical and biomedical development, what comes out of your research depends in large part on what goes into your research models. Ensuring your study animals have the most appropriate diet is critical to maintaining consistent, reliable research data.

As an authorized distributor of Envigo’s Teklad diets, bedding and enrichment, AGEX offers the highest quality lab-tested, specialty diets for all species of laboratory animals used for educational, pharmaceutical and biomedical research. AGEX has been supplying the pharmaceutical and biomedical industries for over 25 years and fully understands the significance of your investment and the delicate nature of your research. Whether a small research lab, university or a multi-billion dollar pharmaceutical corporation, we work with Envigo’s nutritionists to formulate a diet for your specific needs, assuring your research is not compromised. AGEX also offers Envigo’s complete line of sanitary, research grade bedding and a full complement of enrichment products.

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AGEX can source hay and straw of any quality and in any package configuration ranging from packed cubes to large round and square bales. Our partnership with domestic U.S. hay growers allows AGEX to fully meet the hay supply needs for the dairy or equine industries throughout the globe.

AGEX has over 50 years experience in meeting the world’s grain needs. To learn more about our grain capabilities, go to our grain page.
Equine...drop specialized formulas
More than just a supplier, AGEX provides a complete dietary evaluation for the herds of our contract customer that is based on our extensive network and relationships with the finest agricultural universities and labs in the United States. AGEX will formulate the optimum diet for your operation based on your geography, water quality, and non-AGEX supplied feeds to get your animals growing and producing at maximum efficiency. AGEX offers TMR’s and DDG’s, as well as a full complement of commodity grains that can be sourced in any quantity and shipped directly to your operation, completing the AGEX farmer-to-farmer chain. For more information on our grain capabilities, go to our grain page.
Specialized Formulas for Equine
No matter what your need –the highest quality thoroughbred, polo pony, pleasure horse or riding center – AGEX can formulate the optimal mixture in the quantities you require to keep your equine operation in top form. Thoroughbred breeders are encouraged to inquire about AGEX specially formulated feeds, created and lab tested specifically to protect thoroughbreds from heaves. AGEX also offers a complete line of the highest quality horse treats. See supplies for more equine products and offerings.
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