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Sourcing organic seeds, fertilizers and supplies for the organic agriculturist can be difficult. To meet this growing trend within the global agricultural industry, Agricultural Exports (AGEX) has sourced a wide variety of organic seeds and fertilizers directly from certified organic sources, continuing the AGEX tradition of farmer-to-farmer supply. These organic supplies are now available for export, and represent a growing part of the AGEX business.
Organic Seed

All AGEX organic seed suppliers are certified organic seed producers. All organic seed is non-GMO, untreated and 100% organic certified. AGEX can source organic seeds ranging from flowers, fruits and vegetables to commercial crops.

Organic Fertilizer

AGEX organic fertilizers are time-tested and sourced from only certified organic producers. The natural composition of the organic fertilizers supplied by AGEX is specifically designed to allow for time-released nitrogen, phosphorous and potash. This formulation provides plants with all the ingredients needed for a vigorous start and healthy growth through maturity, all without chemical and non-organic additives.

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